Locatio.me Mobile phone location service is made by a small team of experienced IT professionals, with a long background in Telecommunications and Security. We are dedicated to developing new approach in HLR mobile phone location services and we are proud to say that we have brought user GeoIP location to its perfection.

For all our customers we offer a service that can be tailored based on their real needs. With several well-balanced packets of subscription, our regular users can enjoy in unprecedented accuracy of HLR, which will satisfy the needs of our most demanding users. For all those customers who require additional mobile phone tracking services and wish to have validated input for their business, we offer Premium packets that include Geolocation services that no other company has offered so far!

All our HLR mobile phone location services have been tested in order to prove the accuracy of our GeoIP tracking results. We are proud to say that after all these years there we still have a remarkable statistics and a huge number of satisfied customers who use our HLR mobile locator on daily basis. For all these reasons, Locatio.me has became known as a team who offers top-quality mobile tracking services with the most competitive prices you will ever find on the market!

Locatio.me Locate mobile phone - Core Values

Our Intelligence Module will cross-check you HLR request and list it trough all available On-line records in order to identify the owner of the mobile phone that has been located and all other possible references that could be of interest for building a successful business strategy.

Locatio.me Locate mobile phone - we are passionate about locating mobile phones!