Question: Is Locatio.me mobile phone location service free?

Answer: No, Locatio.me mobile phone location service is not a free service. For just $5 you can query ten mobile phone numbers!

Question: Can you always locate any mobile phone?

Answer: No, unfortunately it does not work when the phone is switched off or when the Mobile network provider is not Locatio.me partner.

Question: Can you locate a fixed phone number?

Answer: Yes you can!

Question: Can you query for example a Luxembourg mobile number?

Answer: Yes, Locatio.me mobile phone location service can locate any mobile phone in the world.

Question: Will the owner of the mobile phone will know that you tracking him?

Answer: No, only the Mobile network Provider can see that the mobile phone is being tracked.

Question: Does Locatio.me mobile phone location service require any software installation?

Answer: No, Locatio.me is Web Service that does not require the installation of any additional software.

Question: Can Locatio.me locate the exact GPS location of the mobile subscriber?

Answer: No, for privacy reasons HLR service can only locate users position within a certain country, not its exact position on the "street level".

Question: I'm a Law Enforcement Officer, can I use your service for investigations?

Answer: Yes ofcourse, Locatio.me provides a public service.