Introduction to Mobile phone location services

Unique Mobile phone location service (HLR lookup service) helps our customers identify important information's on other business and personal contacts. Simply search trough our Mobile phone location service and we will send it trough both HLR and IMSI databases and in seconds you will receive the vital information.

What differentiates HLR Moile phone location service from all others on the market?

Our Premium Mobile Lookup Service does what no other tool on the market does. Once you submit your request, our Intelligence Module will search all available Internet directories against the phone number you entered! In one click we will give you not just the location but also help you identify the correct user!

Where can I use and Premium Services?

  • See where you friends or family have gone
  • Find out what your colleagues and employees are really up to when they say they need a sick leave!
  • Look up the location of a friend anywhere and follow him around the world
  • You are receiving anonymous or disturbing phone calls? is here to solve the mystery!

From the Business perspective ...

  • Who is using the number - only for Business customers we will give you the name and all available demographics on it!
  • What is the current mobile network / mobile operator?
  • Is the number in roaming?
  • From where the phone number comes?
  • Is your business partner really the one who say he is?’s Safe and Trusted services will meet all your personal and business needs! IP Geolocation Service

Discover a location of any IP address in any part of your country or world with our GeoIP lookup tool. If you have been using some of our Premium Services, simply click on the IP address we have resolved for you, and will do the rest!

Here's what we can find out for you:

  • The ISP and organization's name
  • The IP's host name
  • The country it's in
  • The region/state
  • The city (a best guess)
  • The latitude and longitude of the location (a best guess)
  • The area code for that region

Please note that we won't get you anything like a person's name or street address. That's where privacy issues come in, which are there to protect Internet users like you.